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Styes and Chalazia

Painful lumps on the eyelid

Styes occur along the eyelid's edge and are caused by bacterial infection. A chalazion forms in the eyelid when an oil gland becomes blocked; chalazia are usually larger than styes and may not be painful. Styes and chalazia may be related to blepharitis.

Most styes swell for a few days before they break open and usually drain and heal in about a week. Chalazia grow more slowly, and in some cases can get large enough to affect your vision. Chalazia may take a few months to heal.

In some instances, the doctor may need to lance the stye or chalazion so it can drain. Never try to lance one yourself, and don't squeeze or try to open the stye or chalazion in any way. A stye or chalazion may require a prescription for antibiotics, ointment or eyedrops, so it's best to consult your eye doctor when the symptoms first occur.

To prevent styes and chalazia, refrain from rubbing your eyes and protect them from dust and air pollution. Replace your mascara every six months. If you get styes or chalazia frequently, wash your eyelids with a small amount of baby shampoo and warm water.

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