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Seeing Is Believing
I Can See Clearly

Choosing someone who is going to operate on your eyes - that's something very important. So naturally if I was going to do this, I only wanted the best. So I did search around and Dr. Lehmann has a lot of experience. He's been doing this for the longest time. There are other people who provide this procedure, but naturally we're talking about my vision here. I want to be able to see, and I want the best possible procedure. So naturally you go with the best.

I am more excited than I am nervous. I was more nervous when I first found out about the procedure and actually came in to have my eyes examined and go through the prescreening. I was nervous then. I saw the video. I talked to Dr. Lehmann and I realized, hey, this guy's got it in the bag. He knows what he is doing. It's going to be a piece of cake. So I am pretty excited, but I'm not nervous at all.

It was just totally amazing. I can't believe it just happened 5 minutes ago. I'm already up walking around. I don't need any help. I can see clearly. It's a little fuzzy, which is normal, they tell me, kind of like looking through Vaseline as it heals. But I can see faces. The second I stood up I could see faces from a distance that normally I could never make out. They were giving me the peace sign and I could count how many fingers it was.

I just walked out of one of the waiting rooms and normally they give you the eye chart. Without glasses I can't see it sitting there but I was able to read the eye chart in the room sitting all the way across the hall from me. This is exciting. I think what I felt the most was probably anxiety and being a little bit nervous, but there was no pressure really… just a little bit of pressure on the eyes, nothing hurt, nothing was uncomfortable. It was simple. You were in. You were out. I mean I've had haircuts that were more painful than that.

—Rodd Wayne

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