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Seeing Is Believing
The Gift of Laser Correction

Doing this was really quite a wonderful gift to myself. It's not inexpensive, but well worth every penny.

My vision has of course changed incredibly as a result of this surgery. I went literally from being legally blind w/o correction. At the beach I couldn't find my family. I mean they just knew if I was coming out of the ocean to come find me because I would be wandering around looking for them. It was very bad. I couldn't find my way from the bed to the bathroom very well.

As it happens I know Dr. Lehmann personally. I live here in Nacogdoches and have known him for 17 years and know of his work and know that it is excellent. I would see him every week at Rotary and when RK first came out I asked him about that and if I was a candidate and he said, "no your eyes are too bad for that. Wait." So I thought, "Okay, I'll wait." Well then ALK came out.

Various procedures have come out through the years. And each time I'd approach him and he'd say, "Wait." And finally he came to me saying "don't think about it yet, but there's something coming."

Finally a little over a year ago, at lunch he said, "Now is the time. I am ready for you." I said, "Okay have you done 3 or 4 before me with eyes as bad?" And he said he had. So I had it done.

—James Buckingham

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