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Cataracts are a normal part of life. You start off with a clear lens that focuses light for clear vision. But over time, protein builds up, then keeps getting denser, until it eventually clouds the lens making it difficult for light to pass through and clearly focus.  This causes symptoms like cloudy, blurry or dimming vision and sensitivity to light and glare. Cataracts can even make colors appear dull and faded. Symptoms like these slowly develop over time and can end up making everyday activities more and more difficult. The good news is, the experienced doctors at Lehmann Eye Center can correct it with surgery which replaces your old cloudy lens with a new, artificial lens. 

Lehmann Eye Care patients benefit from the most advanced comprehensive eye care available in the world today, provided in our comfortable, convenient and friendly offices. Our doctors are industry leaders, setting new standards in vision health with superior lens implant technology, innovative laser vision correction procedures and the latest advancements in bladeless laser cataract surgery.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have general questions about your vision, please don't hesitate to call Lehmann Eye Center today at 936-569-8278.

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