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At Lehmann Eye Center, we continue to set the standard for world-class eye care. Whether you are contemplating laser cataract surgery or considering the iLASIK  procedure, choosing your ophthalmic surgeon is an important part of the process. Your eyes and vision care should be as important to your surgeon as they are to you.

At Lehmann Eye Center, our doctors use state-of-the-art lasers to perform bladeless surgical procedures including laser cataract surgery and bladeless iLASIK. Other doctors from all over the world and the United States come to learn more about our techniques and procedures. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical companies consult with our doctors for research information and clinical trials. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing your eye surgeon:

"Choosing someone who is going to operate on your eyes—that's something very important. So naturally if I was going to do this, I only wanted the best." —Rodd Wayne

Experience & Reputation
How many times has your doctor performed the procedure with the same laser he will use on your procedure?  Is your doctor well-known as a leader among other doctors and patients?  Word of mouth and reputation are the result of many successful surgeries and content patients.

Do other doctors go to your doctor for vision care or surgery? That is a sure sign you are choosing a professional who is trusted in his field. Other indications include awards, credentials, professional memberships and offices held. An experienced doctor will be well-known in his community and among his colleagues.

Facility & Equipment
Does your surgeon own the facility and lasers that will be used for your surgery? 

Feel free to ask your doctor or technician what kind of laser will be used for your procedure. With the rapid improvements in technology, the laser equipment should meet the highest FDA standards, and the facility should receive the highest possible certification for compliance with health codes and guidelines.  Lasers should receive regular maintenance for safety and precision. 

Is your doctor willing to spend time to answer all your questions? Many times a nurse, technician, or clinic representative is responsible for the consultation prior to your surgical procedure. At some time during your pre-operative visit, your doctor should take the time to answer any questions you may have regarding your surgery.

Long-Term Care
Does your surgeon insist upon follow-up visits to track your progress and improvement? Pre-operative and post-operative exams are essential to track the progress of every patient. Your doctor may perform the post-operative exams himself, or refer the patient to another qualified doctor. Either way, follow-up exams are an important part of the surgical process.




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