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Aging Eyes

The American Academy of Ophthalmology observes Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness Month each February. AMD is an eye condition in which the macula, a sensitive area in the retina responsible for central and detail vision, is damaged, often causing loss of central vision.

AMD is the leading cause of blindness among older Americans. It is most common in people over 60, but can appear as early as age 40. There is no conclusive proof as to what causes macular degeneration, however, some scientists believe heredity may play a part, as may UV light exposure and malnutrition.

As life expectancy increases, the disease is becoming an increasingly significant problem. The earlier the problems are detected, the better chance of preventing vision loss.

Dr. Lehmann, Dr. Young, Dr. Berg and Dr. Hilton can help detect vision-threatening conditions even before you develop symptoms. Please call Lehmann Eye Center at 936-569-8278 to schedule a comprehensive eye exam. Let us help you protect your vision because seeing is believing!

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